GLEAMER develops a suite of AI solutions for Radiology that encapsulate medical-grade expertise. The company wants to support imaging users to secure diagnoses for all patients at all times while improving efficiency. GLEAMER’s AI Companions are directly integrated into the users’ usual reading environment and act as an automated and transparent second reading to improve diagnostic accuracy in X-ray imaging. GLEAMER’s solutions are currently being used across 13 countries in more than 300 institutions.

BoneView is your AI Companion for bone trauma X-rays: it detects fractures, effusions, dislocations, and bone lesions. It aims to increase diagnostic performances by reducing missed fractures while improving reading time. ChestView is your AI Companion for Chest X-rays : it detects pneumothorax, pleural effusions, alveolar patterns, lung nodules, mediastinal/hilar masses, and helps increase diagnostic accuracy and detect abnormalities earlier. BoneView and ChestView are transparently integrated into your reading environment and are CE marked (Class IIA).

“Companioning healthcare professionals with AI-enabled workflows”