Hermes Medical Solutions
Hermes Medical Solutions continuously innovates to enable faster and more personalized diagnosis and therapies in molecular imaging and is proud to introduce HERMIA, a new version of its ALL-IN-ONE MI Software, with exciting new functionality.

Powerful and vendor-neutral software enables clinicians to simplify their workflow, increase consistency and quality and keep pace with the fast development of scanners, tracers and procedures in nuclear medicine.

The state-of-the-art software suite provides fast and accurate reporting for all clinical scenarios in PET/SPECT/CT/MR, remote access, and dosimetry– regardless of camera vendor.

  • Support for all camera manufacturers
  • Unrivalled vendor-neutral quantitative SUV SPECT® reconstruction
  • Simplified workflow and training, standardized across all cameras and hospital sites
  • Fast and easy remote access
  • Complete suite of proven tools for all clinical MI procedures
  • Designed for speed, refined for quality
  • Local and dedicated support with NM trained clinical experts
  • Best-in-class dosimetry tools for theranostics

“Designed for speed, refined for quality”

-Hermes Medical Solutions-